Natural looking dentures and denture repair services in Liverpool, Merseyside

The clinical technicians at Denture Cosmetics have over 47 years of experience in the design and repair of quality, natural looking dentures.

We believe that our dentures can make a real difference to your life - your best friend will tell you that your looking younger and wont know why!

We offer free, exclusive appointments, in confidence and your new dentures can be made within a week. You will be speaking, one to one, in confidence, with an experienced technician who will guide you through the process. 

From Mr. Richard Sunter, lead technician

'With 47 years experience why not give us a try; lots of people have, many of whom are on the telly. I really will make a difference to you and your confidence.

Remember, dentures are made by me for you, with an exclusive one-to-one service in very discreet setting and in a very relaxed atmosphere. You can also fetch a friend if you want to.'

We make dentures to fit your mouth and suit your face.

Services available with Denture Cosmetics:

  • Unique consultation to completion denture services
  • Implants, working with an experienced dental surgeon
  • While you wait denture repair service
  • Same day partial dentures
  • Dentures copied and replicated
  • Full dentures made in one week
  • Free, no obligation consultation
  • All work guaranteed
  • Chrome, Cobalt and gold dentures
  • Teeth jewellery and diamond tooth fittings
  • Ground floor wheelchair access

Ask yourself...

  • Are your lips thin?
  • Does your chin stick out?
  • Can you see your teeth?
  • Do you need to glue your dentures in?
  • Can you shout or do your dentures come out?
  • Can you eat your food, or does your food eat your dentures?
  • If you have answered yes to any of these you need denture cosmetics.
  • If you have some of your own teeth and need a partial denture made, we can arrange for you to see a dentist first for a referral .

Full dentures ranging from £500 - £5,000. Denture Cosmetics work with surgeons to make quality dentures for dental implants.

Bespoke dentures - Liverpool, Merseyside - Denture Cosmetics - Smile
Denture repair service  - Liverpool, Merseyside - Denture Cosmetics - Women
Denture repair service  - Liverpool, Merseyside - Denture Cosmetics - Women

Seasonal Offer

Seasonal Offer - Liverpool, Merseyside - Denture Cosmetics
Christmas Offer

For a FREE consultation in confidence, freephone Denture Cosmetics in Liverpool on 0808 155 85 63

Pete Mott ; GDC No 163101
Qaul-final certification in Dental Technology City & Guilds 1973
Dip Clin Dent Tech RCS Eng 2011

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